1979 Catalina 30  (Proof of Life)

Standard Rig, Bow Sprit, Fin Keel (SRBSFK)

5311 diesel engine

For Sale - Details


Named after movie with Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe

Standard Rig, Bow Sprit, Fin Keel  10,200 lbs

(I expect this boat will be for sale late summer 2014,  We acquired the Aquacraft 45 and don't need to maintain two boats.)


June 25, 2013   Took Delivery of Boat

Position of Hoist Straps

Position of Hoist Straps 2

Loading on barrowed trailer at Cheney Lake

In driveway for beginning of project


Me (Chris) Working On Bottom

Jack (Grandson 11) sanding keel

Partial Bottom Job, Judikay testing colors for stripes

Bottom Job, Stripes, and Name Complete


Miscellanious Parts and Repairs

Old Shaft Coupler and Stuffing Box

Stuffing Box Modified with Grease Zerk

Old and New Hose for Stuffing Box

Anti-Vibration Coupler


October 6, 2013  Launch Day

Loading Up

On The Road

Under Mast Crane

Raising the Mast

Preparing to Ramp Launch

Chalking the Wheels

Trailer Extension Connected

Lowering Back Support Pads

Starting in the Water

Almost Deep Enough

Finally Floating

Truck In The Water

Non Broken Glass Christening

Moving into New Home


Ice Accident December 15, 2013