Sailboat Trailer - for sale maybe

(I can't sell the trailer until we sell our Catalina 30 and I am told by my lady that we can't sell it yet. I don't think I can keep up with maintaining two boats.  I am predicting late summer.)

The trailer has three 6000 lb axles with electric brakes on all six wheels. I called the axle manufacturer to confirm they are 6000 lb axles.  The tires are nearly new but they are not of the proper load range for highway transporting of a 14,000 lb load.  They would work for years as a wintering trailer in dry storage.

The trailer was originally for a wing keeled Catalina 320.  I am in the process of adapting it to fit a Catalina 30 with a fin keel with taller stanchions properly located.  I will be using 1.25 inch threaded rod for the adjustment screws and the same heavy duty pipes for the stanchions.  I have also flipped the center channel over so a keel support can set a couple inches lower.  I will be adding additional cross bracing below the keel support to prevent/reduce bending of the channel.

I will be packing all the bearings and replacing as needed, and adding 6 new 2.717 inch Bearing Buddies and new seals.

By the way, there are many opinions on Bearing Buddies.  Some say they are the a bearing's worst enemy and you are better off without them. That is the story I heard from a salesman at BRC Bearing who does not own a boat trailer.  If one thinks they are the end solution and no maintenance or attention is required then I agree.  The only way water can reach the bearings is if the water pressure on the outside exceeds the grease pressure on the  inside.  The most common reason this occurs is the rapid cooling that occurs when the trailer is put in the water. The heat could be from a hot summer sun or from road travel.  Two things should occur to reduce or prevent water from reaching the bearings.  If possible, let the bearings cool before launching.  The second and most important, grease the Bearing Buddies prior to each launch.  The spring pressure created by the Bearing Buddy will exceed the water pressure.  Bearings will last nearly forever on a boat trailer if the Bearing Buddies are greased (springs loaded) prior to each launch.

I have observed MANY people launching their boats.  I have never seen a single one of them grease their bearings prior to launch.  I suppose they think because they have Bearing Buddies, they don't need attention.

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I will post more photos after the modification is complete.