Maintenance Progress and Upgrades Log / Blog

March 1, 2014 - March 3, 2014

Flushed freshwater tanks with bleach and fresh water several times.  Suspect sticky was RV antifreeze.

After filling freshwater tanks discovered a freshwater leak near freshwater pump.  Patched for now.  Discovered forward bilge pump not working.  Replaced.  Then discovered anti siphon valve for bilge exhaust was defective and leaking.  Replaced.  Then discovered thru-hull for bilge exhaust is plugged.  Diver did not show up.  Will dive myself next trip.

After running water in the galley sink, discovered sink drain plumbing is leaking.  Will replace next trip.

WD40 on sea cock for manual bilge pump worked to free that valve up.  Now the manual bilge pump is working.  Will clean and grease sea cock next trip.

West Marine says the water pump for the engine will cost $699.  Found on Internet for $115 - $200.  Worthy of serious research.

Added 4 inch memory foam to double birth in stern castle.  Now it is comfortable to sleep.

Tightened packing nut on propeller shaft but still leaks.  Need new packing next trip.

May 2014

Clean thru-hull for forward bilge pump.  Later will move above waterline.

Replaced old gate valves on freshwater tanks with new ball valves.

Replace freshwater hose with proper size and solve unequal size fitting.

Mount window air conditioner to sit on deck and blow in hatch cover.

Replaced hose for rudder stuffing box.

Rebuilt hydraulic cylinder for rudder.

Replaced small bilge pump in aft bilge.

Replaced freshwater pump on engine, thermostat, hoses, cap, and new antifreeze.

Replace sea water impeller in saltwater pump.

Clean saltwater intake filter.

Replace stuffing/packing in propeller stuffing box and free up locknut, and replace broken clamp on hose.

Change transmission fluid.

Tachometer:  Removed alternator and took with spare to shop for testing.  Both good but was wired wrong.  Fixed wiring and tachometer works.

Replace battery terminals on one battery.

Sailed for a couple hours.  Got stuck.  Engine would not start.  Called for tow.  Identified problem and got engine started. Got ourselves un-stuck. Cancelled tow.

Aqua-lift muffler opened up and flooded bilge. Bilge alarm.  Broke pivot pin on manual bilge pump.  Removed Aqua-lift muffler and manual bilge pump.  Brought home for repair/rebuild.

DIARY OF TASKS:  November 2014.

Friday: October 31, 2014. Left home about 9:30 AM. Rockdale, TX for night.

Saturday: November 1, 2014. Walmart and Lowe's in Victoria, TX. Arrive at boat in afternoon. Bug bomb, visit with friends and eat Wess' burgers for supper. No work.

Sunday: November 2, 2014. Mexican buffet for breakfast. West Marine in Corpus Christi for TV antenna. Install TV antenna and 3g booster. Walmart for brush and groceries. Lowe's for ball valve and nipples for water-lift muffler. Wess' burgers again for supper. Dairy Queen for lunch.

Monday: November 3, 2014. Empty bilge. Scrub bilge with dish soap and brush. Pump out with shop-vac. Lone Star for spade drill. Drill 1.25 in hole in bulkhead dividing engine bilge from main bilge. Difficult and painful task. Swab with multiple coats of epoxy. Wood shavings were dry and light colored. Bilge pump no longer required in tight spot under transmission. Engine bilge will drain to main bilge where I will install a second backup bilge pump. Fill port water tank and hose down aft deck to check for leaks inside. Judge teak deck will need to be removed to stop leaks.

Tuesday: November 4, 2014. Breakfast with Len and Terri at Bakery Cafe. Make and replace stringer for floor. Walmart for 6 gal of water and 2x4. Eat on supper on boat. Quit early. Went for first walk. Visit storage locker. Laundry. Watched movie and early to bed. 

Wednesday: November 5, 2014. Rain forecasted. Wake about 5 AM and recall what I have done for last three days because I don't feel I have accomplished enough. Install and level water-lift muffler and one (vertical) exhaust hose. Install ball valve on muffler. Lubricate, free up, and adjust propeller shaft stuffing box. Remove and discard small bilge pump under stuffing box.

Thursday: November 6, 2014. Finish installing water-lift muffler. Replace all 3 in exhaust hose plus two 90 degree fiberglass elbows at nearly $200. Check air conditioner and sea water pump. Start engine. No leaks in exhaust system and water-lift muffler is functioning well. Alternator is not working. Clean and lubricate engine kill solenoid and replace spring. This was the reason we had trouble starting the engine on the last trip.

Friday: November 7, 2014. On holiday. Started engine. Tachometer and alternator work. Ran air conditioner in heat mode. Works well. 

Saturday: November 8, 2014. Drain starboard fuel tank and clean 1/4 to 3/8 inch of sludge. Pickup tube was in the sludge. Drain and change two fuel filter/water separators. Attempt to figure out maize of lines, filters, and pumps. Will drain and clean port tank tomorrow. Determined engine start battery is trash. Will replace and will disconnect when returning to Kansas so it can't be drained or overcharged.

Sunday: November 9, 2014. Empty port fuel tank for cleaning. was nearly full and had rag about size of a t-shirt in bottom setting against pickup tube. Removed 30 gallons. Clean sludge from bottom. Mark fuel lines as follows: white wire ties for source or fuel pickup. Black wire ties for return lines. 

Monday: November 10, 2014. Photograph fuel system and send four shots to previous owner. Long conversation and many questions answered. Add 20 gallons fuel, 5 gallons at a time to starboard tank. Record wood dip stick readings.

Tuesday: November 11, 2014. Add additional 20 gallons fuel, 5 gallons at a time to starboard tank. A total of 40 gallons at this time. Record wood dip stick readings. Bleed lines and filters. Start engine and test run for a couple of hours. Sounds great, no leaks, exhaust is barely warm. Sea water flow is good. Water-lift muffler is working great. Cold front welcomed about 2 PM.

Wednesday: November 12, 2014. Removed three monster batteries and with help from young man, hauled them up out of boat and into the Suburban. Shopping with Judikay that included a trip to Sam's. Bought one new group 29 marine battery. With two brought from home that will make three new group 29 batteries. Group 29ís are slightly larger than group 27.

Thursday: November 13, 2014. Inflate dinghy and check fir leaks with hose. Trace and connect wires for wind speed indicator. Speed now works. Wind direction will require more study and probably a trip up the mast. Replace air conditioner sea water feed hose with transparent hose. Discovered pump should be below waterline because it is not self-priming. Mount CO and smoke detectors.

Friday: November 14, 2014. Chase parts, work on discarding trash from storage shed. Work on storage in quarter birth with Judikay. Replace 1 1/8 in ID water hose on both ends of brass pipe on outlet side of engine sea water pump. Sell two monster batteries for $10 each in Aransas Pass. Acquire 1 x 12 to build shelf for TV and DVD player.

Saturday: November 15, 2014. Build footing for dock box. Install tie down straps and two new batteries. Did not hook up third new battery. Install Edson manual bilge pump. Run engine a while. Cut boards to be used for shelf. Great Mexican dinner in Corpus Christi with Teri and Len.

Sunday, November 16, 2014: Went motoring in Corpus Christi Bay. Foggy. Visibility was about a quarter variable to a half mile. OpenCPN Worked great for navigation. Getting in and out of the slip and marina was a circus. This was partly due to my incompetence and much was due to a large boat in a tight spot with too small a rudder. Late night research revealed that many Bruce Roberts designed boats have needed their rudders enlarged. Calibrated depth sounder with lead line. Failed at calibrating wind direction indicator. Will work on that next time.

Monday: November 17, 2014. It is 39F this morning with stiff northerly winds heeling us in the slip and beating our stern with small white caps that are generated in the hundred yards between an island and our stern. Our little heat pump is working hard to warm our cabin. Might be a holiday from projects today. 

Tuesday: November 18, 2014. No work today. Helped Len try to rescue David S. boat. No luck, hard aground. More discussions about rudders and trim tab wind vane steering. Install three coat hangers.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014. Day spent moving and cleaning out storage locker.

No more work this trip.