Kayak Trailer

Fully adjustable kayak trailer built to carry single or multiple kayaks of different types and lengths.  12 inch wheels and tires with spare attached to trailer. 1 7/8 inch coupler and lights.  I have typically hauled two or three kayaks loaded with camping gear behind my 1300 cc car.  For shuttle, I can haul as many kayaks as can be strapped on.  Six is about my limit.  I have used this trailer for many recreational and whitewater trips to Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado.  The trailer could use a paint job and some new foam to cover the bars if you don't use the saddles.  If you elect to only use it for whitewater kayaks, the trailer can be easily shortened and the third cross bar can be removed.  Deal includes two Yakama round cross bars with towers (not shown in photos) for vehicles with drip rails and the original fittings for the saddles shown with the trailer.  The soft saddles include straps.  Those fittings will permit the saddles to be installed on a Yakama round bar.  $1000.00.   Chris 316-371-4040.

Trailer Usage:

Remove cradles and stack multiple whitewater kayaks on front two cross bars.

Carry two sea kayaks on each side using cradles.

Remove stackers and carry single sea kayak in middle

Use front two cross bars to carry whitewater kayaks or short recreational kayaks.

Use front and third cross bar to carry longer recreational kayaks or sea kayaks

Carry short kayaks on one side and a long kayak on the other side.

Trailer Adjustments:

The axle assembly can be moved forward and aft on the main long tube.

Each cross bar can be moved forward or aft.

The stackers can be removed to provide flush surface in center for single kayak.

Each saddle can be easily moved in or out, twisted to fit hull, or removed as needed.