Bridgeport Series II Vertical Mill

Bridgeport Series II Vertical Mill with power feed, DRO, adjustable speed, and oiler for ways and screws. Currently in use and hooked up in residence garage. This mill weighs 3990 pounds and is considerably larger than the Series I mill. I think the table is 11 x 58 inches and the travel is 33 inches. This is not a computerized mill. I hate to let my baby go but moving and don't have room. Search the internet for specifications and compare prices. You will find comparable mills are selling for $10k - $12 making this a VERY good deal. You can contact me at three, one, six, III, VII, I, forty, forty.

The mill is currently wired for 240V 3 Phase.  Will work with 240V single phase by using a slave motor or a phase converter.

2 HP motor.   R8 Collet

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